Whether you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party or a corporate event, hiring party entertainers is an excellent way to ensure your guests enjoy themselves. The event planning experts of Franklin, OH’s A&S Play Zone Party Rental know that having these professionals on hand can take an otherwise ordinary party to the next level.

The next time you put together an event, consider hiring one of these entertainers to make the best possible impression:

5 Types Of Party Entertainers Guests Love

1. Temporary Tattoo Artists

The excitement of getting a spontaneous tattoo without the regret that follows the next morning—sounds fun, right? Adventurous guests will be more than happy to crowd the airbrush tattoo artist’s booth at your next birthday party or family get-together.

2. Caricature Artists

While many people are curious to know what they would look like as a caricature, few have the time to sit still and find out. Hire one for your party and finally give them the opportunity. The nice thing about this is that your guest will leave the event with a take-away souvenir. This way they will always remember your event.

3. Clowns

When it comes to party entertainers, clowns are probably the most popular. Their classic approach to humor will keep spirits up and prevent anyone from being offended. Make sure to arrange ahead of times for the clowns to keep the guest entertained by making balloon animals or doing magic tricks.

4. Face Painters

Especially at kids’ events, face painters offer partygoers an opportunity to take on a new identity. Similar to a bounce house rental, it’s an affordable and safe way to keep kids entertained throughout the day.

5. Holiday Characters

If you’re throwing a party celebrating a holiday—especially if there will be young children in attendance—hire a person to play Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or any other holiday character. The festive figures make for great photo opportunities!

To book party entertainers in the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH areas, get in touch with the experts at A&S Play Zone Party Rental. Take a look at their website to view available entertainers, or call (513) 315-9110 for the Cincinnati office and (937) 885-5454 for the Dayton office for more information.