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Dunk Tank Rentals for Rent

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Dunk Tank Rentals in Dayton-

Whats better than dunking someone in our dunk tank rentals?

School carnivals & churches love our dunk tank rentals for fundraisers. Dunk your teachers, boss and colleagues into a tank of water after hitting the target spot on! A clear window in front allows you to see all the action. We have two types of dunk tank rentals. We have dunk tanks we can deliver to you  (450 gallons) and dunk tanks rentals that can be picked up by you! ( 500 gallons and you must have a vehicle with a 2″ ball hitch) Our dunk tank rentals are sure to be a hit at your event!  The Booth takes an hour to fill and you will need a water supply. You also will need to empty the Dunk tank at night to prevent drowning. We have had customers that have filled the dunking booth with packaging peanuts if you want to be creative and different with your party or special event. You can YouTube other ways to use your dunking booth as Gatorade, filled their tank with their product. If you still have questions about the Dunk booth rentals, call our event specialist today and we will help answer all your party rental questions.

What pairs well with our dunk tank rentals? Carnival game rentals! High Striker, Bank a ball, Spill the Milk Bottles and even inflatable carnival games are a perfect add on to our dunk tank rentals. Keep your party guest entertained and talking about your party for weeks!

Looking For Concession Machine Rentals?  Some of the most memorable moments at an event can come from the food. We recommend having unique food to make your event more enjoyable. A&S rents slushie machines, Froxen Drink Machines,  funnel cake machines, Popcorn Machine Rentals and  Cotton Candy machine Rentals.  All great items to enjoy watching people get dunked in our dunk tank rentals. People love different foods, and having a concession machine at your event is another big way to set yourself apart. Our Concession Machine Rentals are Popular for March Madness, School Carnivals, College Events and More.

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