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Product Information:

Defy all limits on the Ninja Warrior Run!

The Ninja Warrior Run is the ultimate rush for kids of all ages!  This course is reminiscent of the obstacles you would find on the hit show “American Ninja Warrior”, and kids will feel just like little warriors!  First, contestants will enter up the ramp and scale their way across 35 feet of climbing wall hand and footholds.  Then, they must leap across four parkours and three raised platforms to the next safe zone.  From there, it's all arm strength as the cheese boards, trapeze and hand rings must be crossed to reach the next stage.  At this point it becomes about balance and agility, as a seesaw and balance beam await.  Finally, contestants reach top speed to dash up either the 6' or 8' warped wall to hit the buzzer and fire the smoke cannons!  Without a doubt, this attraction will determine all of the bragging rights for the day!

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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

35 x 29 x 15

Space Needed:

35 x 29 x 15


Event Staffing (add additional as needed):
  • 1 Hour Staffing

  • 2 Hour Staffing

  • 3 Hour Staffing

  • 4 Hour Staffing

  • 5 Hour Staffing

  • 6 Hour Staffing

  • 7 Hour Staffing

  • 8 Hour Staffing


  • Event Volunteers

  • 71eMMQs1b0L 1666800135 Ninja Warrior RunGenerator 5000 WattsWith the recent storms that ravaged many areas in Ohio, the number of people without power is staggering. Usually A&S Play Zone rents generators out to parties in parks, to power inflatables or food machines. In times such as this, people flock to the stores to purchase generators, but they can be rather pricey, especially if this is a one time use. In times of trouble, like now, where the demand for generators is high, and people are in need, we could help people out with their power needs for less than the cost of purchasing a new generator. Remember, A&S Play Zone has far more than just inflatables and party supplies, so remember to check our website out for items that are new, or that you didn’t know we had! 20 amps each outlet

Product Reviews:

  • 7/3/21HannahNinja Warrior Run was awesome. Some of our employees were able to run the course and everyone had a blast. Thanks so much!

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