Vision Impaired (Drunk Goggles)


The drunk goggles are a truly interesting rental item from A&S Play Zone. One of our main goals with these goggles is to provide the opportunity for schools to rent these for alcohol awareness campaigns. A school could ask for these items so that students would be able to experience a simulation of what having vision impairment from alcohol is like. We would provide these program supplements to both high schools and colleges alike, in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus area of Ohio, and to Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. Along with these drunk goggles, our pedal carts could be rented as well. This combination can be used to show students what it is like to operate a vehicle under the heavy influence of alcohol. Some ideas that schools have implemented are to set up cones, and after a presentation, allow students to take turns driving the pedal carts with the goggles on.


Another fun option is to bring the drunk goggles and pedal carts to an after prom. We have multiple carts and goggles, so students can race, and with the wild goggles, can provide lots of entertainment for people racing and spectating. If you are looking for a way to make sure the drivers with the drunk goggles stay in a safe area, look into our Inflatable Race Track.


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