Lava Inflatable Obstacle Course


Big Obstacle Course Rental

Big Obstacle Course Rental


Lava Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental. The Lava Inflatable Obstacle Course rental is a four piece obstacle course consisting of three 33′ straight pieces and one U-turn piece to make the run over 120′. First you will run through piece 3 that has hang obstacles, a climbing wall and a slide. Second on the lava obstacle course is the u-turn piece that includes popup obstacles. Third, you have to navigate an obstacle with hanging obstacles, climbing wall and vertical obstacles. Finally, the last section of the lava obstacle has combinations of all the previous sections.

Lava Obstacle Course will bring an amazing amount of excitement to your next college event, school festival or church festival. Inflatable obstacle courses are always a hit at events. Besides being large and eye catching, they allow a large number of participants to run through in a short period of time. Another fun thing about inflatable obstacle courses is that you can have parents and children race on another. Of course we already know who will win!

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