Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental


Looking for a way to test your strength? Well we have the perfect inflatable for you! The Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental is a fun addition to any event! Wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached, opponents run side by side down the long runway in this interactive inflatable game. The object of The Inflatable Bungee Run 3 Lane Rental is to see who can get farthest down their lane and place a velcro baton on the center strip before the cord yanks them backwards. This is a must have for your teen or college event, so call A&S Playzone today!

Check out this video of the Inflatable Bungee Run 2 Lane Rental to see how a 2 lane bungee run looks.



One (1) 20 amp Outlets

L: 37ft
W: 15ft
H: 8ft


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