Dizzy X


dizzy x interactive inflatable rental

dizzy x interactive inflatable rental


Dizzy X Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental is so much fun!

Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio, are you looking for the ultimate in fun, check out the Dizzy X Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental.  It is the ultimate in a four person obstacle course.

Imagine the fun with this inflatable rental!  Each player gets a designated color.  First they take their place on the dizzy disc in the middle of the inflatable.  This motorized disc spins, (it is run by an operator), at a controlled speed.  The participants are spun around until they are dizzy, then the race starts.  Once the carousel stops, participants have to find their way through their maze based on pre-assigned colors.  But, the maze has obstacles along the way, making it even harder. The first player to find their way to the end of the maze wins.

Furthermore, we offer the Melt Down interactive inflatable, Mechanical Bull Rentals and the Toxic Twister. All of the products are designed to make you dizzy with the motion base and moving parts.

This Dizzy X inflatable obstacle course rental is so much fun!  It is great for corporate events, graduation parties, after-proms, birthday parties or anywhere you are looking for some extreme fun.