Derby Horses


Want to bring the derby atmosphere to your event? Our Inflatable Derby Horses are fun for all ages. Particpants race their horses to the finish line while the crowd cheers them on. Add our inflatable race track or design your own race course! We also have an inflatable starting line, so people can race their derby horses right out of the gate. The Derby Horses have been some of the most enjoyed items that we rent out for events here at A&S Play Zone. We take these fun derby horses everywhere people want to have fun. College event rentals love this, as it's a great way to get students together to have fun and enjoy each other. They love to race the horses around our inflatable track, or using or derby dash style gate. Big events like festivals, company picnics, and afer proms love to rent the derby horses, becuase the more people watch, the more everyone has fun! Nothing gets a group of people to laugh and enjoy each other then hopping onto a derby horse and bouncing down a track after their friends.


Our coprorate rentals have enjoyed this item as well, employees love to leave work behind for a while and just have fun with their friends. Call A&S Play Zone today to see if we can bring the fun of Derby Horses to your next Dayton or Cincinnati event!


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