Criss Cross Collision Course

The Human Hamster Ball (Zorb Balls) are great for rolling around with your friends and having a great party, but what happens if you want to add some competitive rolling action, and the Racing Track just isn’t doing it for you? You take a look at the Inflatable Criss Cross Collision Course! The difficulty level rises, as participants race down an X shaped track, trying to be the first to reach the opposing side. The blowup track has multiple terrain levels, including a section that can be filled with water, making the Zorb balls spin even faster. Our Inflatable Criss Cross Collision Course is exciting for all age groups and is popular at all types of events. Think of the fun you can have if you set this track on a hill in Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio!


If you think you can have a blast with this item, inquire about renting it for your next event in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati Ohio area! Even if you live in Indiana or Kentucky, look for our inflatable Criss Cross Collision Course at local events!

One (1) 20 amp Outlets

L: 75’ft
W: 18’ft
H: 7’ft


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