Chiavari Chair Gold Rental




Chiavari Chair Gold Rental for Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. These are the perfect elegant chair rental for wedding rentals or for any type formal event! All Chiavari chairs have the option to add a white, ivory or black padded chair pad. Furthermore these are the same chairs that you see on Dancing with the Stars. Chiavari chairs are a timeless classic that is full of elegance.

In addition to gold Chiavari chairs we also offer Champagne, Silver, White and Mahogany. With all these color choices plus the pad choices, you can create any look you want.

Chiavari Chair Gold Rental can be used inside of any venue. Instead of using the venue’s standard chair which may just be folding chairs, consider this upgrade! Chiavari chairs will definitely increase the appearance of any room. If you are getting a wedding tent rental from us, the Chiavari chairs can be placed under the tent also. Additionally, if the wedding ceremony in outside then the chairs can be placed outdoors. Indeed, these chairs are more stylish and comfortable than your standard folding chair.

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