Flatware & Glassware Rentals

Looking to rent Flatware rentals, Silverware Rentals and Glassware Rentals? A&S rent silverware, forks, knifes and spoons and Coffee Spoons.  We also Rent Wine Glasses, Champaign Glasses, Beer Mugs and Coffee Mugs and more.

So If you are planning an event and need dishware rentals and Glassware Rentals, give us a call. Furthermore, we provide china rentals and gold silverware rentals. One would be surprised how inexpensive it is to rent dishes and catering equipment.

Additionally if you are looking to rent plates , Silverware and glasses, Call A&S Today. Many people will plan their own event and rent silverware and plates and china. We rent several beautiful china patterns that will make your wedding or special event.

Furthermore, If you want you can check us out on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter  and Facebook for more ideas.

Cincinnati Customers Call 513-315-9110 and Dayton Customers Call 937-885-5454 or Schedule an Appointment here today.

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