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[sc :io_category rental_name=”Wrecking Ball” rental_id=”439443″ name_encoded=”Wrecking+Ball” increment=”1″ rental_qtytype=”Limited” rental_inputtype=”Hidden” vendor_id=”” link=”” image=”” image_big=”” images_arr=”{”0”:{”rentalimage_id”:”100255”,”rentalimage_createtime”:”0”,”rentalimage_modifiedtime”:”0”,”rentalimage_itemid”:”439443”,”rentalimage_order”:”0”,”rentalimage_imageloc”:”https:\/\/\/users\/Ultrasound\/images\/Wrecking Ball_667525.jpg”,”rentalimage_imagelocbig”:”https:\/\/\/users\/Ultrasound\/images\/Wrecking Ball_667525_big.jpg”}}” description=”Break away from ordinary games and give the Wrecking Ball a shot!  In this game, 4 players attempt to hold their place on pedestals while trying to knock the opponent off of theirs with a giant foam wrecking ball.  Kids and teenagers will love challenging their friends in this physical interactive game!” dimensions=”15x13x15″ footprint=”15x13x15″ weight=”0.00″ electric=”1.00″ rating_img=”” rating=”5″ rating_txt=”   4.7 of 5 (6 votes)” quantity=”1″ timeslots=”” giftcardvalue=”” has_required_acc=”” price_1h=”$550.00″ price_2h=”$550.00″ price_3h=”$550.00″ price_4h=”$550.00″ price_5h=”$550.00″ price_6h=”$550.00″ price_7h=”$550.00″ price_8h=”$550.00″ price_9h=”$550.00″ price_10h=”$550.00″ price_11h=”$550.00″ price_12h=”$550.00″ price_13h=”$550.00″ price_14h=”$550.00″ price_15h=”$550.00″ price_16h=”$550.00″ price_24h=”$550.00″ price_48h=”$1,100.00″ price_72h=”$1,650.00″ price_96h=”$2,200.00″ price_120h=”$2,750.00″ price_168h=”$3,850.00″ price_336h=”$7,700.00″ price_504h=”$11,550.00″ price_720h=”$16,500.00″ image1alttext=”Wrecking Ball”

A&S Interactive Sports Rentals Really Bring Out the Fun in EVERYONE! 

It’s always more fun to play together, and these thrilling interactive sports rentals will make everyone want to have a turn!  Whether it’s whacking at friends in our Human Whack-A-Mole, shooting some hoops on our Hot Shot Basketball, or trying to hit the mark on our Soccer Darts, these large inflatables bring out the life in everyone and are anything but boring!  

Furthermore, our professional team will deliver and set up your interactive sports rentals to your school carnival, company picnic, or church festival to ensure everything is stress-free!  Whether you are planning a grand event for many or are on a budget, we will work with you to plan the perfect event.  Without a doubt, A&S Party Rental brings out the fun in everyone, everywhere.  Call us today at (419) 339-9701 to see how we can bring your event vision to reality!

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