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Tent Rental Info

Tent Rental Info

The above chart is designed to help people planning Cincinnati and Dayton Parties to determine what size party tent rental they will need to serve the number of people they plan on hosting. This is especially helpful for graduation party planning and company picnic or wedding planning, where party planners know that some people will be standing under the tent, and others may be sitting. You always want to make sure you have the capacity to seat the majority of people in case there is poor weather, such as extreme heat or rain.
Some people have used this chart to determine specifically which tables they want, rectangular, 60 inch round tables, or bistro tables/cocktail tables.

People also frequently inquire about how many people can fit at a table, so we will address that here to make planning your party even easier.

  • For a 6 foot rectangular table, you can fit 6-8 people around a table.
  • For a 8 foot rectangular table, you can fit 8-10 people around a table.
  • For a 60 inch round table, you can fit 8 people around a table.
  • For a bistro or cocktail table, you can fit about 5 around a table.

Let us know if you have any more event planning questions! Give us a call at 937-885-5454 or 513-315-9110 and we would love to help you out!