Corporate gatherings play an important role in nurturing a company’s culture while providing valuable information and training to employees. Its essential that you embody the company’s mission and personality, but planning a large event can get pretty stressful fairly fast. When you’re starting your corporate event planning process, keep the following tips in mind for an easier and less stressful time.

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Outdoor Corporate Event Planning

Do Start Early

If you absolutely love a venue or entertainer, you should book them as early as possible. Otherwise, they may not be available when you need them. In the Cincinnati & Dayton area many venues are booked out for six months.

Don’t Stay in the Office

If you have the budget to do so, take everyone out of the office, as a new environment can help better engage employees and promote the flow of new ideas. If you have to stay in the office keep in mind that you will need to address personal cell phone usage and unexpected interruptions. For some reason when you take people out of the office they tend to value the experience more.

Do Think Teambuilding

While you are trying to build morale do consider team building activities. You could rent racing game or life size games. Consider life size hungry hippos game rental, Life Size Simon, Life Size Operation game and many more.

Don’t Forget the Basics

While you shouldn’t spend too much trying to wow your guests, you also don’t want to cut corners on the essentials. Spend an appropriate amount on food and entertainment to send a appreciative message to the team.

Do Stick to a Budget

Have a realistic idea of the cost of this affair and stick to that budget. Ensure that you have wiggle room, as problems are likely to arise. I would also recommend providing snacks in the afternoon to make sure you keep your participants awake and attentive. You could consider concession rentals, like cotton candy, popcorn or snow cone rentals.

Do Have a Backup

In the event of bad weather, you should always have a backup venue and entertainment. Confirm that your venue has an indoor portion in the event of such a scenario and ensure that your entertainment and food can be moved as well. You could also consider renting a tent. We have seen some amazing events in tents!

Don’t Forget to Delegate

Planning an outdoor event is always difficult, so don’t take it all on by yourself. Instead, take on a project manager role and delegate tasks to responsible team members. You could even consider hiring out some of the duties. Many event rental companies will handle this at a reasonable cost.

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