Bounce house rentals aren’t just for kids—they’re great for “grown up” events too, especially when you go through A&S Play Zone Party Rental. Serving the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, the local rental equipment professionals make private parties, corporate events, and even weddings, unforgettable!

Here are five novelty rentals you might consider for your next unforgettable event:

The Meltdown: Really want to give your guests the best time? Check out the Meltdown! Voted the best interactive inflatable of the year, this exciting inflatable rental is the perfect place to gather into teams for an experience similar to the reality show Wipe Out. It’s suitable for teens and up, and is popular with college kids, proms, church groups, company picnics and more.

The Toxic Twister : This is an awesome inflatable rental that will keep you entertained for hours. You climb up to a rotating pedestal and have to make it thru obstacles and another rotating pedestal. Its just as fun to play as it is to watch. The toxic twister is a must for all after prom rentals and college events.

Human Hamster Ball: Get ready to have the most fun you’ve ever had and grab the human hamster ball rentals for your next party! Safely ensconced in the center, you can roll around to your heart’s content, have ridiculous races, and experience what life’s like for a hamster in a ball!

Human Bowling Ball: If it weren’t already fun enough just rolling around in a giant hamster ball, you can go a step further with the human bowling ball. With this crazy rental equipment, not only do you get to roll around in a giant ball, but also knock over some over-sized bowling pins! It gives the phrase “Be the ball” a whole new meaning!

Foam Party Rental: Who doesn’t like playing with foam? This outdoor-only party unit will add sudsy fun to your event, whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday bash, or just an excuse to turn up the music and play with foam. It’s perfect for when you’ve always wanted a foam party, but don’t want to ruin your house!

With inflatable rental equipment from A&S Play Zone Party Rental, you’ll have just as much fun as a kid, but with the perks of being a grownup. To have a look at their selection, browse the website, or call (513) 315-9110 to request a quote from the Franklin, OH-based party experts.