It’s always a great idea to begin planning a big event in advance. Whether you’re thinking of a company picnic or a larger-scale gathering for your top clients, leaving enough time to prepare before your event will ensure that it is a big hit. When it comes to corporate event planning, A&S Party Rental in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH, is a top authority. The company offers a variety of party rentals and planning services that can help you ensure that your corporate event runs smoothly. Here are some top tips from the experts at A & S Party Rental to make your next corporate event a big hit.

Corporate Event Planning Company Shares Tips for Outdoor Company Events

1. Stand out with Party Rentals

When hosting a corporate event, your goal should be to create a professional, yet fun, atmosphere. Choosing the right party rentals and other décor elements can go a long way toward accomplishing that goal. A & S Party rentals offers tent rentals along with various types of tables, chairs, and linens so you can select the items that best fit the style of your event.

2. Create a Menu for the Season

Deciding on a menu is an important part of company picnic planning. When hosting a corporate event in the spring, consider a menu of fun and fresh food items like fruit salad, wraps, light sandwiches, and other staple favorites that will be crowd-pleasing and easy to serve. A & S Party Rental also offers catering assistance for corporate events, so they can help you come up with a great menu that will work for your guests and your budget.

3. Include Team Building Activities

Team building activities are an essential element of any company picnic or corporate gathering. A & S Party Rental offers a variety of different team building games and family ninja warriors games and inflatable rentals like obstacle courses and derby racers that you can rent to provide some fun for your team and their families.

4. Consider Family Guests

If your outdoor event is one where team members are bringing their family members, it’s a good idea to have some activities specifically for kids. Renting a bounce house or some carnival games can help you keep all those family members entertained and happy.

5. Utilize a Professional Event Planner

These are just a couple of the factors involved in creating a successful corporate event. Trying to juggle all of those elements on your own can be taxing. Instead, you can rely on professional event planners to make the planning process and your actual event run as smoothly as possible.

Corporate event planning is often a complicated undertaking. However, it can be a lot easier if you have insights and assistance from qualified professionals like the ones at A&S Party Rental. The company serves customers in Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, with a wide range of event planning services and party rentals. You can view the company’s catalog of rentals online or call Dayton Customers call 937-885-5454 or Cincinnati customers (513) 315-9110 for more information.