Hosting a picnic to thank employees for a job well done is a fun way to boost company morale. While these events are a great way to show appreciation, there’s more to company picnic planning than simply finding a caterer and stocking up on soft drinks. You want to keep your employees entertained and ensure that they have a great time. A & S Play Zone Party Rental servicing Cincinnati Ohio and Dayton Ohio, is here to help. They share a few great activities for your upcoming picnic that will keep your guests smiling throughout the event.

Life Size Game Rentals

Nothing says “fun” like a life size game rentals, like Human Hamster Ball Rentals, Life Size Hungry Hippos Game Rentals, Life Size Whack A Mole, Life Size Inflatable Twister, Life Size Simon, Life Size Operation, Life Size Jenga and so much more. These life size game rentals are great company picnic ideas. Best of all, the life size game rentals are ideal for all ages, so your employees, their children, and anyone who wants to play can without struggle.

Euro Bungee Jump Rentals

If you’re looking for a way to add excitement to the event, the Euro Bungee is your best bet. Equipped with 4 trampolines, your guests will be able to jump and bounce together, enjoying the thrill of soaring to new heights. It’s like bringing the amusement park right to your company picnic!

Inflatable Alien Laser Tag

Company picnic planning is especially tricky when you’re hosting an event well into the evening hours. However, laser tag is the perfect solution to accommodate daytime and nighttime hours without additional lights. Laser tag is best enjoyed in the dark and, with the help of a colored light, your guests will be able to play for hours, no matter how dark it gets outside.


Most people associate zip-lines with thrill rides and mountain getaways. However, renting a zip-line from your trusted party rental provider will help you bring this excitement to your picnic. This is the perfect way to incorporate team building into your picnic. Your employees will be able to bond over the thrill and adrenaline rush while their families watch or participate in the exhilarating ride.

A&S also provides tent rentals and inflatable rentals so you can get all your rentals from one location. Let the team at A & S Play Zone Party Rentals help you with all of your company picnic planning needs. Their dedicated staff will help you find the best entertainment for your corporate event. Visit them online to preview their line of inflatable rentals and call (937)885-5454 for Dayton Customers (513) 315-9110 Cincinnati Customers to speak with a member of their staff for help planning your event.