Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or you’ve been put in charge of company picnic planning, the right tent rental can make or break your outdoor event. Tents and pavilions provide shelter from the elements and help generate a party atmosphere—but not if your tent is the wrong size or type. To make sure you find the right option for your needs, consider the following factors.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tent Rental

1. Event Location

Location plays a huge role in narrowing down your tent rental selection. First, check whether you’re hosting your event in a grassy field or on a concrete floor, as this will determine what kinds of supports and fastenings you can use. Pole tents are more convenient and less expensive, but are best when your event is on a grassy field. Remember, pole tents require staking to anchor, so add about 5 feet of extra space required to accommodate for this. Frame tents are optimal for events with concrete or firmer floors and do not require extra space for anchoring. These are important factors when considering what type and size of tent.

2. Guest List

Next, take a look at the plans for your event. How many people will be attending? Will you need to set up chairs or tables under the tent? Do you need an open space for dancing or other activities? Create at least a rough layout to help you determine the size and number of tents you’ll need.

3. Intended Style

Finally, take a look at what your local party rental supplier has to offer in terms of colors and styles. Plain white tents are a staple, but even these come in a range of shapes and frame types, including high or low ceilings, open or closed sides, and an assortment of cosmetic options including lights, trims, flags, ties, and windows. Choose a look which suits your event, whether that’s a circus tent for a child’s party or a pavilion for a wedding.

With the right tent, you can enjoy an outdoor event safe from the elements. Start planning today to make sure you get the tent that’s right for you.

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