Planning a wedding is no easy task. In addition to choosing a venue, decorations, and a photographer, there are also a number of wedding rentals to worry about. Your wedding rentals may include tablecloths, dishware, silverware, and of course, chairs. If you are looking to rent chairs for your wedding, then without a doubt, you need to choose Chiavari Chairs. They are classic, lightweight chairs often used by banquet halls for wedding receptions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and other formal events.

Listed below are three reasons why you should choose Chiavari Chairs Rentals as part of your wedding rentals.

1. They Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors

Chiavari Chairs offer a modern and elegant design that works well no matter their location. A classic white or wooden Chiavari Chair looks beautiful against an outdoor backdrop, while a golden or metal chair will make your indoor ceremony appear decadent.

2. No Need for Chair Covers or Decorations

Many of the chairs available at party rentals are utilitarian, but not very elegant. Some wedding planners choose chair covers to improve the look of these seats. However, renting covers and decorations is an added expense, and you have to be mindful that they do not become stained or damaged. Chiavari Chairs are naturally beautiful and elegant and can be used without additional decorations. However, if you are interested in decorating your chairs, Chiavari Chairs can serve as an excellent canvas for any design.

3. Chiavari Chairs are simply elegant and beautiful.

Chiavari Chairs are truly the most beautiful chair rental. Chiavari chair rentals come in gold, silver, white and mahogany. If you are looking for wedding chair rentals you can stop by A & S Party Rental and see the beauty yourself.

If you are interested in renting Chiavari Chairs for your wedding, contact the wedding rental experts at A & S Play Zone Party Rental in Franklin, OH. In addition to chair rentals, their team also offers tent rentals and corporate event planning services. To learn more, visit their website or call (513) 315-9110.