An outdoor wedding adds a twist to your party planning duties since you have to arrange for a tent to keep your guests sheltered from the elements. To help you choose the right equipment, A&S Party Rental, the premier wedding rental and corporate event planning service in Franklin, OH, explains how to determine what size tent you need for your event. This information should keep all your guests comfortable and help your wedding run as smoothly as possible.

Party Size

The first step is to decide how many guests you must accommodate and then how you plan to seat them. For instance, theater seating style is much more compact and allows you to fit more guests in, but table seating allows for guests to eat meals comfortably.

Tent Style

Next, determine the style of tent you need. When booking your venue, take note of the space and surface. This will aid you in picking your tent style. Pole tents are more convenient and less expensive, but are best when your event is on a grassy field. But, because pole tents require staking to anchor, this adds a need for about 5 feet of extra space around your tent to accommodate the anchor. Frame tents are optimal for events with concrete or firmer floors and do not require extra space for anchoring.

Other Considerations

You should also consider what time of day your wedding is. If it is at noon, for example, the sun will be high and strong, which may be uncomfortable for anyone not seated directly under the tent. The wedding rental experts at A&S Party Rental also advise considering how many food tables you’ll need, especially if you’re planning a buffet-style event. Also, what decorations will you be utilizing under the tent? Do you want separate tables for the cake, gifts, and guest books, or will you be combining some of those elements? These considerations will help determine what size tent you need.

To discuss tent size, types of seating, and other wedding rental questions, contact A&S Party Rental in Franklin, OH. For more than 15 years, they’ve helped customers throughout Southwest Ohio with weddings, children’s birthday parties, and even corporate events. Visit their website to request a quote, or call (513) 315-9110 for the Cincinnati office and (937) 885-5454 for the Dayton location. Friendly and knowledgeable event specialists are available to help you plan your event.