Everyone in Corporate America understands the importance of teamwork. Teamwork is a crucial element of any project. No matter what type of group you’re working with, a task is much harder to complete without building team chemistry and getting everyone to work together for a common goal. Great news is that there’s no rule that says team building needs to be an overly serious affair! A&S Play Zone Party Rental, in the Cincinnati and Dayton, OH area can help you Improve your teamwork and companionship through a variety of party rentals.

Just because an activity is a little whacky doesn’t mean the bonds between participants can’t be strengthened. From thrilling races in the human hamster ball showdowns and Hungry Hippo Challenge, to the Soccer Darts Rentals, A & S Party Rental has many options when it comes to teambuilding. Below you will find the details on just three party rentals that are sure to build a team:

Crisscross Collision Course: Step inside a giant, inflatable hamster ball and race down this X-shaped course. The fun team members will be having bouncing down the track will eliminate awkwardness or stress from any upcoming or current workload. Looking to up the challenge? Add water to the track to really feel the speed of the hamster balls.Soccer Darts: This has been the craze and YouTube sensation this year and the hottest teambuilding activity. A&S Party Rental is one of the few rental companies offering Soccer Darts in the Ohio region. Put together a team at your company and lets start playing Life Size Soccer Darts. A & S Offers a full range of Life Size Game Rentals.

Hungry Hippo Challenge / Life Size game

It’s not always easy to build a strong team, but the positive results are certainly worth the effort. Even better, increasing interpersonal chemistry can be fun! A&S Play Zone Party Rental has been providing high-quality and hilarious team-building party rentals for more than a decade and is ready to help you strengthen the bonds of your group. For more information on their party rentals, tent rentals, corporate events, and more, call (513) 315-9110 or visit the website today.