Pop Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game


The Pop Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game is a quite simple and interesting game that pulls everybody’s attention in trying out their toss. A&S play zone offers this set of carnival game package comprising a rack arranged with pack of pop bottles and provided with supplementary colored rings. The objective of the game is to throw the soft rings on pop bottles such that it falls on to the neck of the object. Each person can try out five toss and the person who gets the highest number of bottles in a ring is considered the winner of the game. A&S play zone provides rigid bottles and soft textured rings and so you need not worry about brittle or other damage problems even though the rings are stroked hardly.


This Pop Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game is a great option when you are planning a carnival themed event or festival style party. Combine this Pop Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game rental with another carnival game or an inflatable midway, and you’ve got yourself a great time! Consider adding an inflatable item, such as a bounce house or a an obstacle course or jousting arena to truly make your event something everyone will remember!


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