Kwik-Covers are one of the best ways to transform your event into a more sophisticated event! Instead of just having your guests sit at a standard table, you can transform them into an ambassador for your event, from high school graduation colors, to your company colors, to a classic white, for a crisp clean finish. The difference between these lightweight, fitted, vinyl table covers and linens are that Kwik-Covers are that Kwik-Covers are durable against weather such as high winds. So if you are having an event for a graduation in your backyard, linens are a great option as well as Kwik-Covers. However, if you’re event is in a large open space that may be susceptible to high winds, these Kwik-Covers will help protect you from having your table covers fly off, like old ones that stores sell.



So ask about our table covers today, and we will help you find the best option for your event! We have many different colors available that work for our six foot, eight foot, and round tables! Give us a call to see what options we have available for your event rental in Dayton and Cincinnati!


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