Inflatable Bungee Run 2 Lane Rental


Have you ever watched a football player train with a parachute strapped to their back for resistance? If you’ve ever wondered how that felt, you can experience it with the Inflatable Bungee Run 2 Lane Rental! This party rental item is a staple of after prom events in the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Two friends, or non-friends for that matter, slip the vest over their body which is attached at the back to the bungee cord. In your hand, you will have a baton made of Velcro, and as you prepare for your sprint, notice the strip of adhesive Velcro along the center pillar of this inflatable blowup. Have someone count you off, and as soon as it’s time, dash forward as far as the bungee cable will allow, and slap the Velcro baton down at your farthest point forward! This inflatable party rental item is available in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas, and is recommended for older kids and adults, from 8th graders up.



Like it was stated earlier, college orientations, after proms, and any event where competitive nature is present will enjoy this blowup rental. If you’ve ever wanted to prove yourself against someone else, look into renting the inflatable Bungee Run Two Lane to see if you’re right! A&S Play Zone also offers the blowup bungee runs in the Three Lanes Bungee Run and the First and Ten Bungee Run style.

Check out these two in a quick battle on the Inflatable Bungee Run 2 Lane Rental! Bungee Run 2 Lane competition

One (1) 20 amp Outlets

L: 33ft
W: 11ft
H: 8ft


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