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Check out our Euro Bungee Trampoline! If you are planning for something special for your next event other than the regular carnival games and bounce houses then the euro-bungee is the best choice you can make. The Euro Bungee Trampoline is one of the most popular rental items at all festivals and carnivals! Besides this attractions comes with staff from A & S Party Rental who will harness in the riders. Furth more, the rider will begin to jump up and down on the Euro Bungee and begin to bounce on the trampoline.

Subsequently, they bounce tension is placed on the bands that hold the rider in place allowing them to jump higher and higher! Moreover the three point harnesses ensure a safe ride. Once in the air they can do front or back flips! Clearly the Euro Bungee can accommodate up to 4 riders on their own individual trampoline at once. Finally, this attraction can be brought indoors if there is an overhead door and a ceiling clearance of 25 feet.


Euro Bungee Rental for Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. Talk about taking your event to new heights. Strap in to the euro bungee and jump up to twenty feet in the air!

First ridders of the euro bungee will step in and be placed in harnesses by our trained staff. Second, Our staff working the euro bungee will start to increase the tension on the bands holding the ridder in place. Third, start jumping and the bands will take you higher! Ridders of the euro bungee can simply jump up and down or even try flips.

Our euro bungee rental pairs well with our zip line rental. Or maybe you would like one of our many inflatable obstacle courses. These extreme activities are great for college events, school carnivals, church festivals and company picnics. The euro bungee always has long lines because it is so much fun!

The euro bungee is also great for winter festivals. Many times it is too cold to have inflatables. No worries, the euro bungee can be used in cold weather. Try pairing it with our portable ice rink.

The great think about the euro bungee is it is also just fun to watch. Give A & S Party Rental today to ask about the Euro and all of our other exciting interactive rentals that we can bring to your event.

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