Big Ski Racers


The Big Ski Racers are one of A&S Play Zone's newer racing games, and is just as much fun as some of our classics! Just like our Bigfoot Racers, people suit up the Big Ski Racers in teams of three to compete against others. Consider having a racing rental item like this at your next big event to bring out the fun in everyone! Schools love having this item at their event, because it is a way to bring students together in a fun and competitive nature. This is the reason a number of corporate events have even added the Big Ski Racers to their events, because they know that people will enjoy spending some time with the Big Ski Racers. Other events where this would be fun? Larger festivals where people will be looking for fun and exciting events to keep them occupied, church festivals or retreats where groups of people will be working in teams, and a whole lot more!


Combine an item like this with some of our prizes and you’ll be surprised how memorable it will be! Be sure to call in to A&S Play Zone to see if we can bring out these fun Big Ski Racers to your next event and make it great!


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