Arranging a party can be a bit stressful. You have to plan for entertainment, find a venue, arrange for tent rentals to shade your guests, and handle the invitations. For many hosts, keeping track of everything they need can be tough, especially if you’re juggling event planning on top of your busy work schedule. Here are a few things to make sure you remember when you make the arrangements for your upcoming event and tent rental.

4 Things to Add When Booking Tent Rentals for Your Party

1. Tables & Chairs

No matter how interactive your party is, the guests will eventually want to sit down and rest. When you reserve your tent, book a few tables and enough chairs to accommodate your guests throughout the event. Try to reserve as many chairs as you have guests, especially if you’re providing refreshments or catering. The last thing anyone will want is to have to eat standing up.

2. Entertainment

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys dancing, and you’ll want to provide entertainment for those guests who would rather not step out on the dance floor. Consider utilizing casino game rentals if your event is for teenagers and adults. If you’re hosting a kid’s party or large family-friendly event, rent a few inflatables to keep everyone entertained, no matter what their preferences are.

3. Photo Booths

Let your guests document the fun with a photo booth rental. Add masks, props, and accessories that match the theme of your event to make the activity both personalized and fun. Best of all, the booth prints on demand, creating the perfect party favor for guests of all ages.

4. Audio Equipment

Playing music on that single Bluetooth speaker may work for small gatherings, but it won’t carry far when you’re hosting a large event. If music is going to be played, rent the right audio setup for the venue. Larger outdoor spaces will need bigger speakers while smaller indoor venues can make use of smaller sound systems.

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