Cincinnati Ride Rentals

A & S Party Rental is the #1 place for Cincinnati Ride Rentals. What’s the first thing kids run to when they arrive to a carnival or big event? The rides, of course! The lines are always the longest at the rides and it’s easy to see why, our rides are loads of fun and kids can’t get enough of them. Parents love our ride rentals as well because they are safe and will bring a smile to their child’s face.

Bumper Car Rentals:
We can bring our bumper car rental right to your event! The bumper car rental includes 4 bumper cars and an inflatable arena for crashing. The cars come complete with flashing lights and speakers that play music. Keep in mind, our bumper cars do not have brakes.

Turbo Tub Rentals:
This is a classic ride rental that swings the riders all around for lots of laughs!

Trackless Train Rentals:
This is one of our most popular Cincinnati Ride Rentals! Kids will be lined up for this classic party rental. Our trackless train rental can hold up to 12-16 passengers on each ride.

A & S Party Rental should be the ones you contact first anytime you need a ride rental! Our professionalism and courteous set us apart from any other party rental company.